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Industrial Hard Chrome Plating, Precision Grinding and related services for Chromium applications


NO Chrome Plating for Cars, Motorcycles, Household Goods, Etc.

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Since 1949 - For over 75 years Jersey Chrome Plating Company has served the metalworking industry from the same convenient location in Pittsburgh.

Gaylord A. Jersey - Founder - Inventor of the Jersey Chrome Process for Hard Chrome Plating

Gaylord A. Jersey- Founder

Our founder, Gaylord A. Jersey, a metallurgical engineer, had been involved in chrome plating since the 1920s and was recognized as a renowned authority in the industry. He was instrumental in the development of many procedures and specifications that are the basis of the industry today.

Jersey Chrome is the only three-time recipient of the Westinghouse Electric's "Error Free Performance" award and has been nominated for the "National Subcontractor of the Year" award. This proud heritage of innovation and excellence is still being carried on today by the Jersey family.

We wish to thank all of our past and present customers and extend an invitation to all of our future customers to enjoy the same quality standards and service that has become our hallmark.

History of Jersey Chrome

Around 1889, John Henry Jersey came here from Germany with his Irish bride. Soon after, they started a family. A rather large family: six boys and three daughters. (The original "Jersey Boys" and "Jersey Girls".)

He brought many talents from Germany that he cultivated here in order to raise such a large family. Among them was a large bar and restaurant called 'Jersey's Corner' or 'The Corner' as some called it. Obviously, it was on a corner on one of the busiest intersections in Rochester, Pennsylvania. Rapidly, it became the local meeting and eating place for most of the townspeople.

Grandpa Jersey - John Henry Jersey and his Sons Pose for a picture